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TWS Stereo Earbuds

The Super True Wireless Earbuds

Few years before people were used to the traditional wired headphones that they never expect something so convenient could be invented. The True wireless stereo (TWS) does not bound you with anything. You can do all your tasks freely and enjoy the audio even at a distance. The wireless earbuds can be used for a variety of activities like listening to music during a lecture or doing homework or jogging, while playing games, talking on your smartphones, while driving, working out, etc. Wireless earbuds are the most convenient option for people, and they can quickly pair with your mobile phones once you set up and pair with it.


The TWS stereo earbuds work with the Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth sends the signal to the earbud, just like the walkie talkie or any radio. And the earbuds receive the message and play the sound when you operate it. There are right and left separate earphones. R is written above the right earbud, and L is written above the left one. You have to fix the earbud in your ear canal until its comfortable. To turn it on, you have to short press the button on both earbuds at a time. When you turn it on, you will get the audible sound of it, and it will also inform you when your device is connected. Then you can play whatever you want to listen to. If anytime your earbuds ask for a passcode, you can simply insert 0000, which is a universal code of it. Next time they will automatically connect with your device without asking anything.

Music Quality

The highly superior TWS stereo earbuds offer you CD-quality audio with a noise cancellation feature. The connectivity and quality of these earbuds are so advanced that it offers you a great music stereo audio. It works as a Wi-Fi, and also the frequency is low, so there is no harm in it for humans or the surroundings.

Charging Case

The advanced TWS stereo earbuds are available in the fantastic charging boxes with high magnetic inductions. It keeps your earbuds protected and also charges your earbuds. TWS stereo earbuds provider supply the best and coolest charging boxes that charge at the speed of 60mAH. It charges in less time and can run throughout the day. These charging cases with the earbuds are available in wholesale rates.

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